Hospital-grade technology

99.9% pathogen elimination

UL & CARB certified design

Best-in-class safety features

Meet kepri

Safe and Effective Air Disinfection

The air inside might not be as clean as you imagine. Take a moment to think about it – you’re breathing in over 2,000 gallons daily, and the air in enclosed spaces can carry up to five times more pollutants than outside.
Kepri is the ultimate solution for those prioritising air safety and healthy living. It is a state-of-the-art UV-C air system that provides comprehensive and secure air disinfection. Kepri's cutting-edge technology ensures your breath is free from harmful bacteria and viruses. With Kepri, you can enjoy a safe and healthy environment without worrying about airborne diseases. So, if you want to breathe easy and stay protected, choose Kepri - the trustworthy choice for air disinfection technology.

hospital technology

Disinfects upper-room air

Kepri radiates 270nm UV light into a room's upper air, eradicating dangerous pathogens such as Coronavirus and Influenza.​
Theatre Air Convection

lab tested

Eliminates harmful airborne pathogens

Kepri has been independently lab-tested and proven to reduce harmful airborne pathogens by 99.9% in just 20 minutes.

human safe

Safe for use in shared spaces

The Kepri UVC device has a triple safety sensor system to ensure safe and secure usage.
Kepri • Waiting Room 2

tailored solutions

Bespoke design and installation

Kepri installations are designed precisely to provide complete facility coverage and protection for every building area.

Designed with safety in mind

safer performance

Triple-lock safety system

Tilt Sensor

Senses the device's upright angle to prevent harmful UV light from reaching lower areas of a room.

Motion Sensor

Recognizes any movements in the room and offers three operating modes depending on the occupancy of the space.

Presence Sensor

Detects individuals in the UV-C light emission field and turns off the device until the area is cleared.

Protecting every type of indoor space

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Kepri Specifications

  • Input Voltage/Frequency – 90/240 [50/60] VAC [Hz]
  • Minimum Mounting Height – 90 inches
  • Power Consumption – 30 watts
  • UV Wavelength – 270nm
  • UL/CE Marked
  • CARB Certified for sale in California
  • EPA Establishment # 102987-CAN-1
  • UL8802 compliant
  • 12 month product warranty
  • Dimensions: 11.8 inches W × 4.6 inches H × 7.2 inches D
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs

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